Dreamer not a Realist

Blog writing I find so tiring. I have never been a makeup tip kind of performer nor a ‘How to lady’. When asked how to behave at gigs or what to remember as a first time performer by newbies I just give the response ‘Don’t be a cunt’ Over the years as a performer I […]

My Striptease Videos 

Fantastic news! My striptease videos are now on sale!  Download yours now!!    A full 10 minute striptease video of me smoking wearing sexy stockings and suspenders. Be prepared this is super naughty and contains full nudity!  Soundtrack is by The Shit. Check them out!!       

Prints for Sale

People are always asking me if I sell prints. Why yes I do! Signed prints are £2.50 including Uk postage for postcard sized designs. Check out choices below   PayPal        

New Images by My Boudoir!

Fantastic  trip up North to see Nicola at My Boudoir Photography. We shot some fantastic new images for Femme Magazine and some new promo shots for my Champagne Glass! Check them out! Contact Nicola if you would like a Photoshoot! Highly recommend her packages         Dressed as my Idol Annie Lennox!!!